We supply a wide range of stocked products in different volumes to facilitate both small and large operations. We also supply controlled dispensing systems from BAYWEST. We provide co-ordinated cleaning schedules, and related cleaning chemicals.

We make high quality waste bags that actually hold waste rather than air! They are shipped all round the world. We have control of the base material, and hence product quality. The plastics come from our in house recycling operations. We can also use various types of plastic, including high density to meet your product requirement. We take into account factors such as strength required, puncture resistance, and communication issues as to whether you require warning colours with or without, printed messages.

Our Catalogue

Our Catalogue gives you a product by product guide to help you decide on what you require.

Our Product Range Includes:
Various Types of Barrel Roll, Hand Towels and Tissues, Various Cleaning Chemicals, Various Cleaning Accessories, Various Washroom Dispensers, Wheelie Bin Liners, Strong Waste Bags, Stick & Rubble Bags

Products We Make

The products we make section gives guidance, for example, on how to measure bags to fit waste containers and whether you require gusseted or plain tubing when making the bags.

Our Product Range Includes:
Various Local Authority & Hospital Waste Bags, Clear Waste Bags to allow monitoring of Waste Segregation, Bags Printed with Material Symbols, Various Bags to suit washrooms, Wheelie Bin Liners made to size & colour