Whether you are a general manufacturer or you run a laundry, we make products to order as well as stock a huge range of goods to fulfill your primary and secondary packaging requirements. We supply customers from small family businesses up to International Blue Chip Companies.

Our products include, for example, shrink wrap for automated lines and pallet wrap for either your staff or automated machinery to use!

We manufacture primary packaging for medical device manufacturers (in addition to specialist Pharmaceutical Products) and operate under various Quality and Pharma standards.

We have various solutions to meet your packaging requirements, which are usually focused around protection, appearance and price, in addition to specialist technical requirements.

Our Catalogue

Our Catalogue gives you a guide to what is usually available from our on-site stock.

Our Product Range Includes:
Boxes, Tape, Stock Bags, Pallet Wrap – Machine and Hand film, Builders reels.

Products We Make

Our Products we make section will give you guidance on the various types of film we manufacture, whether that be tubing, various sheeting and various bags. Guidance is also supplied, for example on how to measure a shrink pallet hood or box liner. We can add additives to give film different properties such as varying degrees of slip. We make everything to your specification !

Our Product Range Includes:
Polythene film for wrapping profiles, Protective film for shrink wrapping products, Bottom and Top Sheets for pallets, Many types of bag, Box Liner Bags.